About Ridrop:

Active living is a way of life that integrates physical activity into your everyday routines, from running errands to going on a run.  In Ridrop, we believe in active living that encourages and generates a healthier lifestyle.  This source of inspiration drove us to create a colorful collection of instant cooling towels so you could do more in the heat.  Ridrop cooling towels fit every kind of activity and keep you cool and fresh for hours. With Ridrop cooling towels, you can stay active for longer when the temperature rises. With Ridrop cooling towels you can feel cool and fresh in the heat. Share your story with @ridrop using #itsallaboutkeepgoing and #ridrop

About the product:

Cooling towels are becoming an increasingly popular active accessory.  They are convenient, compact, light-weight and they can really keep you cool for hours at a time.  Common towels are usually thick and they don’t breath.  Ridrop cooling towel absorbs sweat and is breathable.  When activated with water, it drops 20-30 degrees below the average body temperature.  It is your best choice when exercising.

 It consists of three layers of polyester cooling fiber material.  The first layer:  Absorbs moisture and discharges sweat. The second layer:  Circulates water. The third layer:  Regulates evaporation

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