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Welcome to ridrop.com. Please read carefully the following terms and conditions relating to the rights and obligations of the company to all of you site visitors: Any natural or legal person visits the site pages or makes use of the services for brevity herein referred to as “user”. All services available on the site or intended to be created in the future are subject to these terms of use, while visiting the pages and / or using the site services requires full and unconditional understanding and acceptance of the same terms. Ridrop reserves the right to change the content of ridrop.com (hereinafter: Website) at any time without notice.
The control of the technical information provided and the appropriateness of the items ordered are the sole responsibility of the customer using the Website (hereinafter: Customer). Ridrop is not responsible for any incompatibility of the products with other products.

Sale to end users and consumers

At www.ridrop.com you will find products and services that are targeted, intended and sold exclusively to end consumers, users or businesses. Sale of products for commercial purposes is not permitted. Ridrop reserves all right, including expressly to reject the impression of purchase proposals, that it was intended to further promote the products. Customer declares that all information provided by him when using the Website is accurate. Customer undertakes to cover any damage to Ridrop or its subsidiaries or affiliates from the use of this Website and the Customer’s account by unauthorized persons. The Client-Customer is solely responsible for evaluating and selecting the products and services offered by the Website and www.ridrop.com bears no responsibility for the correctness of the Client-Customer choice, or any incompatibilities between those selected by the same products-software-services provided by it.

Limitation of Liability

Ridrop is not responsible for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damages that may result from the lack of ability to use the Website and any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Website or the transmission of information through the Website. Ridrop disclaims any responsibility for any damage resulting directly or indirectly, incidentally or consequently, or in any way related to access or use of www.ridrop.com, including, but not limited to, any loss or damage caused by viruses which may affect your equipment (PC) or the validity of the information obtained through www.ridrop.com. The www.ridrop.com contains external links for your better information. Ridrop disclaims any responsibility for the content of all external links (links, hyperlinks, banners, videos) listed on www.ridrop.com and the information obtained from them – third party product representations. Any referral to a third party site via a link located on our Company Website does not in any way imply that Ridrop expressly endorses or recommends the content or web pages of third parties and the information provided to them and access to these are at your own risk.

Wrong price or product features

At www.ridrop.com takes all the necessary technical and necessary steps to properly inform the content. Www.ridrop.com expressly reserves the right to misrepresent pricing due to a human or technical error. In addition, www.ridrop.com uses a Caching mechanism in the page content and may indicate different price, availability or other content than the cart page. The difference that can occur between pages takes a few minutes. In order to always be sure of any price change, you must take into account the price in the basket and in the process before paying and completing it. If you leave a product in your cart for a long time and repair it later, the price of the product will automatically be updated according to current data. If a product has an unusually low price, without any particular indication justifying it, please contact us before ordering the product.

Order placement and product availability

Order placement does not automatically entail freezing of stock. In cases of low inventory, www.ridrop.com reserves the right not to place an order or part of it if availability is inadequate. In this case, an update will be made. Final confirmation of availability is made during order processing and product collection. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify in any way, part or all of the contents of www.ridrop.com without the prior written consent of Ridrop.

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