Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool (CDC – Centers for Disease control and Prevention)
Even when our body is at rest, we are internally producing heat through metabolism (breaking down the food we eat into energy). However, during physical exercise, working muscles produce heat at a much higher, faster rate. This increased heat production can result in an increase in body temperature, which above a certain temperature, can be difficult to control. Therefore, it is important to develop ways to cool down the body, help maintain core temperature and reduce the negative effects of thermal stress.

Heat Stress and Your Health

Heat Stress and Your Health (CCOHS – Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
Whether you work in a hot smelting plant or outdoors in the summer months, heat exposure can be dangerous. Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at increased risk of heat stress.
In foundries, steel mills, bakeries, smelters, glass factories, and furnaces, extremely hot or molten material is the main source of heat. For people working outdoors in jobs such as constructions, road repair, open-pit mining and agriculture, summer sunshine creates a hot environment. In laundries, restaurant kitchens, and canneries, high humidity adds to the heat burden. In all cases, the cause of heat stress is a working environment which can potentially overwhelm your body’s ability to deal with heat.

“Heat stress” is a buildup of body heat generated from a combination of the effort you exert while working, the environment (air temperature, humidity, air movement, radiation from the sun, or hot surfaces/sources), and the clothing or equipment you wear.

Most people feel comfortable when the air temperature is between 20°C and 27°C and the relative humidity ranges from 35% to 60%. When air temperature or humidity is higher, you may feel uncomfortable but your body can cope with a little extra heat. However, very hot environments can increase your internal body temperature several degrees above the normal temperature of 37°C, overwhelming your body’s natural cooling systems and leading to a variety of serious and possibly fatal conditions.

What happens with dehydration?

If you suffer from dehydration, a cooling towel isn’t going to help. You need to drink water and lots of it. However, a cooling towel can help you to maintain good hydration levels because you won’t be sweating as much and lose moisture this way. Always make sure to drink plenty of water before any kind of physical activity. Also, make sure to drink even more water after physical activities to replace what was lost from sweat and evaporation.

How to use

1. Soak the towel with water
2. Wring out any excess moisture
3. Grasp towel with both hands at ends and wave for 5-10 seconds to initiate the cooling process
4. To reuse, simply wave the towel again when it is wet.

Wash and care instructions

1. Machine wash only in cold water
2. Use only Non-Chlorine bleach
3. Do not use fabric softeners
4. Tumble dry on low cycle
5. Do not iron
6. Dry fully before storing in the package for re-use

Ridrop Features

Ridrop is made of high-tech, soft and chemical-free fabric
cooling yarn fabric – 100% polyester for patterned towel
Get cool simply in three steps: soak, wring out excess water and snap
Use it wet to get instant cool. Use it dry to wipe and absorb sweat.
Washable, its cooling effect will not wash out or degrade over time
Instant cool, chemical free, light weight, sweat absorbent, reusable, washable, UV protection, breathable

How it works

The science behind the cooling towel is simple and based on the principles of evaporative cooling.
When the cooling towel is wet, the moisture spreads evenly throughout the fabric. Then the product’s unique construction, combined with waving the towel into the air to activate it, allows the moisture to circulate and initiates the regulated evaporation which keeps the towel cool.
The cooling effect is derived from the fabric’s construction and because the cooling happens without the use of chemicals, the cooling performance will never wash out or degrade over time.

What is Ridrop

Cooling towels are becoming an increasingly popular active accessory. They are convenient, compact, light-weight and they can really keep you cool for hours at a time. Common towels are usually thick and they don’t breath. Ridrop cooling towel absorbs sweat and is breathable. When activated with water, it drops 20-30 degrees below the average body temperature. It is your best choice when exercising.
It consists of three layers of polyester cooling fiber material.
The first layer: Absorbs moisture and discharges sweat
The second layer: Circulates water
The third layer: Regulates evaporation

Why should I use a Ridrop cooling towel?

Ridrop cooling towel is an excellent and efficient way to prevent heat stroke. It can also help you stay cool for a longer amount of time than you would normally be without one. It has been shown that keeping your body’s body temperature low while engaging in sports or working activities, improves your performance. Finally, Ridrop cooling towel can also block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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