For your convenience, has many alternative payment options that you can choose to pay for your purchases once the checkout page (Cashier) is activated immediately before your order is confirmed. The activation of each payment method depends on various factors such as the shipping method, delivery address, the value of your order.

The payment methods are:

Cash on  delivery:

If you choose to pay by cash, you will have to pay in cash at the time of delivery.
The cost of cash on delivery is 2 €.

Credit card: accepts Visa, Mastercard credit  cards, Visa, Mastercard Debit Cards and Visa, Mastercard prepaid cards. 

Delivery of orders where payment has been made by credit card is made only to the credit card holder, displaying the card and police ID. Credit card payment orders are not delivered to a third party.
The quoted prices include legal taxes.

Until full payment of the price the goods remain in the ownership of the seller company.
Bank card payment is only available for On-Line orders from

Related Legislation
According to Law No. 4446/2016 Article 69 § 2 “Taxes of a total value of five hundred euros (500) or more, issued for the sale of goods or the provision of services to individuals, shall be paid by their recipients, purchasers of the goods or services, exclusively using card payment or other electronic means of payment, such as but not limited to bank transfer, payment account payment, use of electronic wallet. No payment in cash shall be permitted.” Therefore orders over € 500 including taxes and other charges should be paid in the above ways. 

Payment through your PayPal account:

In this case you pay the order with your PayPal account. You will be redirected to PayPal’s login page to enable payment. Your account will be charged on the day of your order. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one from the PayPal login page by clicking εδώ.

Full price payment In case you receive it products, these remain the property of Ridrop   until final, complete and complete payment of the price of your order.

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